Alytics – automation of the contextual advertising for the professionals. Automation Yandex Direct and Google Adwords
Platform Alytics —
automation of the contextual advertising for the professionals

Alytics has pleasant, yet very important details:

Alytics aggregates statistics of all kinds of requests from contextual advertising to the company: online shopping, incoming calls, online chats, offline purchases, etc.

Alytics has statistics about assisted conversions for goals and transactions from Google Analytics. The system supports two types of assisted conversions: First interaction and Subsidiary interaction.

Supports utm-tagging relevance, transfers expenses from Yandex Direct to Google Analytics, checks the links for 404 error, is able to sum up the different goals with weights, can instantly do Excel-based reports across any sections, multiple Google Analytics profiles can be connected to Alytics.

Especially useful for agencies: Client Center in Alytics allows to open guest access for clients and to provide various access rights for agency staff.

Why is Alytics useful?

Alytics automates gathering of statistics based on ROI, CPA, share of advertising costs, conversions and sales, revenue and profit up to every key phrase.

Alytics is integrated with Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Yandex Direct, Yandex Market, call tracking systems, CRM and User_id.

Alytics enables you to create automatic bid management rules, as well as to keep the positions basing on CPA, ROI, and share of advertising costs.

Aytics has an intelligent module of automatic bid management to optimize the CPA and ROI * basing on the prediction of conversion.
* ROI Optimizer will soon be launched in beta-mode

For online shop Alytics automates the creation of product ads for thousands of products from the YML to Google AdWords and Yandex Direct.

How does Alytics operate?

Connect your Google AdWords accounts, Google Analytics and Yandex Direct to Alytics platform.
+20%time saving
+Full minimization of risk of losing statistics
Set up a direct linkage Google AdWords + Google Analytics. If necessary, turn on placement of utm-tag, the system will automatically maintain the current utm-tagging.
Specify placement rules for utm-tags in Yandex Direct. You no longer need to worry about their placement and safety. Several times a day the system will check the correctness of tags in advertisements. If Alytics finds that there is no tag, it will immediately place one according to your pre-set rules.
Select goals from Google Analytics to track the number of conversions and CPA.
If you have an online shop, select a transaction from Google Analytics and specify marginality to track the number of orders through the basket, CPA, revenue, profit, ROI and the share of advertising costs.
+30%New data conversion
You need to use additional statistics about assisted conversions, if contextual advertising affects the conversion of other channels, or the proportion of pent-up demand is high.
+50%New data conversion
Do you want to track calls? Do you need to count CPA, ROI, and share of advertising cost from calls? Connect dynamic Call-tracking module to Alytics or use User_id module (promotional code method)
+30%New sales information
Do you want to calculate real profit, revenue, CPA, ROI, and share of advertising costs on orders shipped only? Do you want count re-orders? Then you need to integrate your CRM with Alytics through API.
+15% New sales information
Quickly segment all your statistical figures into:
1) Search/Context media network and Search/Yadex Ad Network; 2) Premium Placement / Guarantee
Manage bids manually or retaining the positions, with an eye to the sales statistics. Set bidding strategies and limitations, based on the target performance metrics.
Make bid management rules and ad status rules for the automatic adjustment of the advertising campaign based on KPI.
Enable CPA or ROI* optimizer
(* ROI Optimizer will soon be available in beta mode)
+20%time saving
Upload any reports in Excel in just a few minutes. Import expenditure data from Yandex Direct to Google Analytics.
+40%time saving
+80%coverage of the semantic core
Adjust product generation of ads from YML. In mere minutes create thousands of ads and key phrases for each item (for online shops)
+50%to safety
Open access to your projects to other staff and external managers. Manage their rights.
+20%of error reduction
Enable the option "broken links control." Alytics weekly checks ads and quick links for 404 error.
Use unique gimmicks from Alytics:
1) Bids management based on weather forecast using integration Alytics + Gismeteo;
2) Bids management based on the analysis of prices of rivals using integration of Alytics + Competera
Variants of how to spend free time:
  • Leave work on time
  • Go for a 2-hour lunch
  • Hold meetings twice a day
Variants of how to use the efficiency for your own good:
  • Ask a reward from the Director
  • Write a positive feedback to Alytics (we will publish it)
  • Carefully hide Alytics from your rivals
+50%to safety
Relax and:
  • sleep tight
  • Share information without any risk
  • Love your close ones
+125%new information about conversions
Variants using this information:
  • Increase sales and conversion
  • Reduce advertising budget
  • Move budget from other channels onto the context
+80%exposure of the semantic core
Other variants of applying the received semantics:
  • Other variants of applying the received semantics:
  • Upload the received semantics to SEO
  • Boost undervalued product segments

Our clients

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